Turkey’s social robot Nely ready to greet you at Istanbul New Airport

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Meet Nely, Turkey’s first social robot. Its first job will be at Istanbul New Airport’s international terminal. Nely is designed to help passengers by providing necessary information after they go through passport control.

Turkey is ready for social robots that will help people in public places, like airports, hotels or international events. Let’s listen to Nely’s story from Faik Berk Güler, the founder at Human Age Technology. Güler and his team of five have developed Nely.

Güler describes Nely as “mobile, smart, innovative and social,” which are some of the qualities most companies look for in their employees.

“It has its own feelings and reactions. It is continuously in touch with different online services like social media, email, traffic and weather forecasts. It will be employed in places like banks, airports, hotels, business centers and shopping malls,” said Güler.

Nely is 1.55 meters in height, and all of its features can be customized by the brands that want to make use of its services. Nely also uses different technical features including facial recognition, greeting, voice instruction detection, emotion analysis, reporting, artificial intelligence (AI) and a bar code reader. Besides, it has a structure which is open to integration with different web services.

The idea of a social robot is not something new as there are examples around the world but with the population growing, it has become a necessity to meet people’s demands.

[from: Daily Sabah]

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